Thursday, 11 October 2012

University Admission Essays

 University admission essays are also referred to as personal statements. Admission essays require students to demonstrate the reason behind selecting their respective courses, and why the chosen university is most suitable in helping the student accomplish his/her mission. Therefore, students must apply skill in writing nursing admission essays, business school admission essays, law school admission essays, college admission essays etc.
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Qualities of good university admission essays
For business school admission essays, nursing admission essays, law school admission essays etc to be qualified as excellent, they must meet the threshold given below:
  • It is honest
A good admission essay is based on personal experience. It is also reflective as opposed to being narrative. For this reason, anecdotes are used to show the reader the character of the writer.
  • It focuses on quality
Rarely do admission boards give an upper limit on the number of words to be written in nursing admission essays, graduate school admission essays, law school admission essays, school of medicine etc. Writing a brief but within the word limit given essay rich in content is what matters.
  • Uses correct grammar
University admission essays rich in errors help the reader to quickly disqualify students. Errors are symbolic of carelessness and are a distraction to the reader. Use the correct vocabularies, punctuations, and the paper should be free from any kind of errors.
  • Meets the requirements of the assignment
No matter how interesting an essay is, if it fails to meet the basic requirements of the assignment, the student will be disqualified. For instance, if the number of words required is 700, do not write 1,000 wards.
  •  It answers the question
It is better to take 2 or 3 hours to understand a question, rather than go through the questions in 10 minutes but miss the mark. To stay on track, write a thesis statement which you should keep referring in the course of your writing.
  • It is interesting
Interest begins from the introduction. It should have a captivating introduction that encourages the reader read the entire text.
  •  It demonstrates the writer’s knowledge
The writer must have general knowledge on the institution and specific knowledge on the major.
  • It makes use of several drafts
 It is impossible to write perfect nursing admission essays, graduate school admission essays, law school admission essays in your first writing. Proofreading and editing severally contributes to developing the essay. Improvements made should encompass recommendations by other experienced writers.
Once you understand what writing university admission essays encompass, refer to examples to understand better.

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