Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sample College Admission Essays

Writing college admission essays can be a nightmare, especially for applicants who are not adequately prepared. College admission essays determine whether one is accepted into the college of your choice or not. This is because; more colleges are jumping into the bandwagon of using admission essays as selection criteria for suitable students and sample college admission essays are a good place to start.
These high stakes mean that there can be no room for mediocre essays because the applicant needs to convince the admission board that they deserve to be in their college of choice.
Researching the Internet for Samples
Sample college admission essays are very important to all students applying for college. This is because reading through sample college admission essays is a good way to learn all there is to know about writing excellent admission essays.
The internet is a rich resource for individuals who want to learn the ropes of good writing; or even to develop better writing skills. From bad essays, average essays to excellent essays, the internet is the place to find college admission essays examples.
Target Audience for Sample College Admission Essays
Sample college admission essays are not merely targeted for those who cannot construct a coherent sentence. The resources available are also useful for good writers who may think that college admission essays examples are a waste of time. This is because even good students and writers have to continue learning in order to enhance what they already know, and thus improve, their writing. It is only by reading and learning that any growth can be experienced.
Remember, numerous students have applied to different colleges before you and after writing impressive college essays, they were accepted. The sample college admission essays they wrote are made available, mostly on the internet, to help in improving essay writing.
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Constructive Study of Samples
As you read through the college admission essays examples one by one, consider the following;
  • Why in your opinion, was that essay accepted?
  • What was the story about?
  • Did the topic grab your attention?
  • Did you enjoy reading the essay?
  •  How can I come up with a similarly profound idea?
By going through different college admission essays examples, it is possible to distinguish between the good essays and the bad ones. You will learn how to weave events that seem ordinary, into a great story that clicks with the intended audience (the admission board). As a result, you will write an admission essay that will automatically give you a direct pass into college.

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