Thursday, 11 October 2012

Good College Admission Essays

In life, you are disqualified for what you do not know. That is, you might score exceptionally well in other factors that contribute to qualifying for college admission, but simply be disqualified if you do not have the capacity to write good college admission essays. So what is a college admission essay and why is it written?
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College admission essays are assignments written to admission board with the aim of helping the admission board to select the most suitable candidate to join their respective college or university. This is so because thousands of students qualify to join colleges. Learning how to write college admission essays that work is mandatory if students are to complete their application process successfully.

 The following tips are helpful in writing outstanding admission essays:
  • Understand the question
Students fail to write excellent essays or to score well in exams because they do not answer the question, and if they do, it is not answered effectively. Admission essays are written in response to a prompt. Consider all possible perspectives you can employ to respond to the question effectively. In fact, you can consult with students who wrote college admission essays that worked. While writing the essay, keep referring to the question to keep on track.

  •   Consider aspects of good writing
There are various factors that contribute to excellence in writing. Such factors include using the correct format and structure, following the set grammar rules, proper use of vocabularies and punctuations among others. It is also paramount that you abide by the set writing requirements for example, the number of words, font type and the type of paper that should be used.
Students may not consider these as important, but they determine college admission essays that worked and admission essays that failed.
The art of writing good college admission essays
You become better in writing as you practice. Before you start writing, read and understand the guidelines of writing excellent college admission essays. In addition to understanding the guidelines, refer to college admission essays that worked.
The internet and school libraries are suitable sources from where students can get examples of college admission essays that worked. Students can also take advantage of these sources to find prompts used in admission essay writing. They can practice using such prompts prior to being tasked by the admission board to write admission essays.

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