Thursday, 11 October 2012

Graduate School Admission Essays

‘I wish it was possible to join a graduate school without having to write graduate school admission essays’. You are not the only one with such thoughts; I also went through the same experience and fortunately I pulled through.  It is advisable to start practicing how to write good college admission essays and graduate school essays before making application to the respective graduate school. Proficiency in admission essay writing is what will give you an upper hand among the thousands of students you are competing with.
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How to write good graduate school admission essays
There are three questions that greatly contribute to writing admission essays effectively if they are answered accurately. Truth be told, it is easy to provide them with answers, but nevertheless they must be answered. These questions are:
  • Why did I choose my major? 
  • What are my qualifications?
  • Why is this graduate school the most suitable for me?
You must be honest with yourself as you answer the above questions because that is what gives content to your essay.  Once you finish gathering all the information required for writing your graduate school admission essays, observe the following in your writing:
  • Focus- this is achieved through a thesis statement. Good college admission essays leave the reader with one impression. Decide what personal aspect you wish to project based on your major.
  • Be original- originality is what gets the attention of the reader. There is no harm in discussing your essay with experienced writers to get ideas.
  • Create variance – use both short and long sentences. In addition, start sentences differently to avoid monotony.
  • Use simple language- the admission board does not have time to refer to the dictionary for the meaning of jargon. Use words that will simply and clearly communicate.
  • Be honest- dishonesty can help you qualify for an interview, but in the long run inconsistencies will be discovered.
It is impossible to get good college admission essays in your first writing. Therefore, start writing the admission essay immediately you are assigned. It will give you an opportunity to develop an excellent copy through multiple rewritings. In addition, you will have time to consult with experts.  The following steps help in generating good college admission essays:
  1. Write the outline- It highlights the contents of the essay
  2. The draft- it provides more information to the outline
  3. The final copy- it is the finished copy; it a refined draft.
  4. Proofread and edit- correct any errors and inconsistencies that may affect the quality of your assignment.
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