Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sample admission essays

As a child, watching my parents run their business influenced me a lot. They owned a coffee shop and every day after school I would pass by and help out with errands. As I grew older, I learnt how to take orders and serve clients. During the holidays my father would let me handle the cash register and so I grew very smart and business savvy. During my high school years I engaged in varied activities that helped me grow business wise. I engaged in car wash drives and even raised money through giant exhibitions and sales at schools.
After high school I got accepted into the prestigious Harvard School of Business. During my undergraduate program I was able to remain at the top of my class and I graduated with First Class Honors and together with my classmates we were able to open a financial and auditing firm that serves the needs of people within rural areas. As part of the team that began Visionary Finances, I was able to identify the financial advisory and service gaps within the rural areas and fill them by starting a company attending to them.
So far everything has been running smoothly and together with my partners we have been able to attract numerous clients. I feel that pursuing an MBA will enable me to handle our business better. We are growing at a tremendous speed and I feel that concepts and strategies learnt in an MBA class will empower me to help my company cope with the influx of clients and also deal effectively with upcoming competitors.
Considering my track record of excellence in academics and career, I believe I have what it takes to fit in your institution and that I can make a positive growth towards learning and non-academic activities.
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