Thursday, 11 October 2012

College Admission Essay Examples

In as much as an individual’s grades help to get one into college, the admission essay that he/she writes is also of paramount importance. This is because colleges are also interested in whom the individual is as a person; and not just their academic performance. The admissions board is increasingly interested in the individual’s intrinsic value. This incorporates their ability to creatively use their mind to evaluate physical circumstances,as well as relating their lives to the basic norms of the society.
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By offering a basic test to all candidates, colleges are able to gauge and evaluate every applicant’s intrinsic capacity. Usually, this test is a written paper requiring all the applicants to write an essay on topical and/or general issues.
Writing college admission essays is a must-do activity in many colleges today. Any applicant who endeavors to get into a top-notch college needs to keenly study various college admission essay examples so as to get an idea of what is required and consequently, prepare him or herself. Every applicant needs to recognize the fact that admission into college is quite a serious endeavor which requires a combination of hard work, determination and skill in writing college admission essays.
What to expect on College Admission Essays
Writing college admission essays is a critical but not complex process. Ordinarily, the admission essay tests the ability of applicants to express themselves in a manner that is clear, concise and articulate. In addition, they test the applicant’s evaluative capacity with regard to general topics; as well as in situations which normally affect people within or outside college. College admission essay examples therefore enable the applicant to get a clear and accurate picture of what to expect when writing admission essays.
Examples of College Admission Essay
College admission essay examples provide the applicant with a tentative idea of how to handle different admission-essay topics. Many of the topics are evaluative as they give the writer an opportunity to comprehensively explore the issue while at the same time, demonstrating what his point of view is.
They test the applicant’s capacity to relate with people and situations, in addition to enabling the applicant to evaluate college life, their role in the college and what they from their life in college.
The following are a few topical college admission essay examples:
  • How do you perceive life in college?
  •    If admitted here, how will you ensure that you portray respect to the tutors and representatives; irrespective of their gender and age?
  • Discuss how you would handle an administrative crisis at the college and why.
In conclusion, it is important to realize that while reviewing excellent essay examples is a helpful step, it all counts for naught in the process of writing college admission essays if the essay is not written in good grammatical sentences. This is a fundamental aspect as the discourse must not only be interesting but also, comprehensive.

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