Thursday, 11 October 2012

Harvard Admission Essays

It is one of the best universities; hence the dream college of many Americans, and hundreds of students across the world. However, to join Harvard university students must write Harvard admission essays. Like any other university admission essays, Harvard admission essays help the admission essays to allocate a slot to the most deserving students. The reason for using this form of selection is because of numerous applicants with the same academic qualifications.
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Writing Harvard admission essays
Prior to writing university admission essays, it is paramount for students to understand and internalize what it takes to write a competent essay. Unfortunately, majority of students prefer to learn how to write such essays through reading instructions. Well, this is good because one cannot do anything unless he/she is aware of what to do, but it should go beyond that. Write examples of university admission essays, let them be assessed by an experienced person and make the improvements recommended. The following writing steps are helpful in writing such an essay:
  • Know the vision and mission of the school- the essay must align
  • Understand your audience
  •  Know the requirements of the assignments
  • Strictly follow the instructions given
  •   Proofread and edit
Seek a different opinion on the quality of any university admission essays before submission. For all the above to be fulfilled, students must start writing their assignments early. They must complete them before the deadline set.

When writing Harvard admission essays or any college or university admission essays, you must observe the following:
  •  Clarity – the admission board does not have the patience to read an essay that lacks clarity.
  • Cohesiveness- ideas presented in the assignment must be related. 
  • Honesty- tell your story. Sometimes students inflate their qualities as they try to impress the admission board.  
  • Be interesting- give the admission board a reason to read your essay to the end.  
  • Uniqueness- originality is what makes you an individual. It separates you from the crowd.
  •  Logic- the information given must appeal to reason.   
  • Be on point- do not use wordy sentences. For example, do not use twenty words sentence while you can use a five-word phrase.
  • Use active voice- since you are telling your story, your presence must be felt.
  •  Use active voice- since you are telling your story, your presence must be felt.
  • Show the reader- in most cases students tell the reader instead of showing them. Showing the reader is possible through the use of stylistic devices and vivid description.
  • Avoid jargon- the purpose of the admission essay is not to tell the reader how much you know, but to help him/her understand who you are.

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